Looking for some exciting cheat codes for Animal Hunter: Wild Shooting? Look no further! Gain an advantage in your hunting expedition by entering these codes:

1. Unlimited ammunition: Enter “HUNTMASTER” to never run out of bullets.
2. Invincibility mode: Input “SAFARIKING” to become immune to attacks from wild animals.
3. Unlock all weapons: Use code “GUNSBLAZING” to access all the weapons in the game.
4. Double points: Enter “SCOREHUNTER” to earn double points for every target hit.
5. Infinite health: Activate “SURVIVOR” to keep your health bar at maximum throughout the game. Happy hunting!

New valid Animal Hunter: Wild Shooting Code

Code is hidden Get

- 1. Gold coins x50, ammo x100, health potion x1. Happy hunting!

Code is hidden Get

- Collect 50 gold coins, 10 health potions, 3 rare trophies.

Secret rewards Get

Animal Hunter: Wild Shooting

List of Animal Hunter: Wild Shooting Codes

CODEExpiration Date
N4OC2LG6May 19, 2024
9TIYFV567ZJune 19, 2024
M4ZSC8759May 25, 2024
PO857VQR6B3May 28, 2024
JENIK76PAQJuly 10, 2024
A4W8C3IKMay 19, 2024
7DU8IKJLAZMay 16, 2024
9AKIX5620May 28, 2024

How to redeem Animal Hunter: Wild Shooting codes?

To redeem a code in Animal Hunter: Wild Shooting, open the game, go to the settings menu, tap on "redeem code," enter the code, and claim your rewards.

Animal Hunter: Wild Shooting Codes Review

It's a mobile game ad platform with a hunting minigame. Finish a level? Ad. Increase winnings from level? Ad. After each level you get 20% towards an item, get it to 100%, ad before it unlocks. New item from the store? 3 ads. About 3 minutes of ads for every 2 minutes of hunting. $3 to get rid of ads, but gameplay isn't good enough to warrant even $3.

Edit: The glitch was fixed, but now it's glitched again. No daily rewards and misson rewards. Frustrating! Like the concept, but game is glitched at level 98. Hunter is walking on air and does not correct. Been a week, contacted dev, no update yet. Dev needs to be quicker on issues to keep players engaged.

I was extremely generous with the 2 star rating. The potential the game had was wasted. It's fun for all of 5 min. The controls suck. It's terribly simple and quickly becomes a repetitive waste of time. It takes about half a day and you've done about everything that there's to do as far as upgrades. There's many,many better options for a hunting game out there. Don't waste your time. I'm uninstalling right after I post this.

Newly Updated Code: