In the Alphabet Defense Towers Battle, players compete to protect their towers from enemy attacks using the power of words. Each tower represents a different letter of the alphabet, and players must strategically position their words to defend against attacks. As the battle progresses, players can unlock new words and abilities to strengthen their defenses. With creativity and quick thinking, players can outsmart their opponents and emerge victorious in this thrilling word-based strategy game. Will you be able to construct the ultimate alphabet defense and secure your victory?

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XJlRtgmM733December 16, 2023
uLpHM50URA906December 4, 2023
CfFHlXaIv260January 8, 2024
HpYFhG0gLRU589January 2, 2024
uifFqnpAsa247December 8, 2023

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This would have been a pretty good game if it just had some flow. But as you try and merge a couple of cannons in a row you're just abrupted with these slow notifications about leveling up, clearing stages, oppertunities to get an extra tower, etc. It just gets frustrating getting your flow cut off constantly by these and you have to wait a sec every time as well because the "no thanks" option doesn't appear right away.

No Thanks. Annoying Ad pop-ups every 5 seconds and you have to wait for the option to close the pop-up? Disgusting. Spent more time waiting for to close the ads than I did playing the game. Typical greedy devs, want to get rich the easy way. By spamming their mediocre game with ads. Truly disappointing.

Absolutely unplayable... every single merge cause an add, so for each 2 seconds play you get 30 seconds adds...

An AD filled nightmare. Everything you do triggers another AD, even not doing anything for 30 seconds.

I always see bad reviews but THIS is an amazing game, whoever told y'all this they are a meanace

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Let's defeat the army of Alphabet Lord. Merge and amass your weapon to defense. Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

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