Alice’s Restaurant is a classic song by Arlo Guthrie, known for its catchy tune and humorous lyrics. To play the Alice’s Restaurant word game, players take turns adding one word to the story, with the goal of creating a funny or nonsensical tale. The game encourages creativity and quick thinking, as players must build on each other’s words to keep the story flowing. With its lighthearted nature, the Alice’s Restaurant word game is a great way to bring laughter and creativity to any gathering or road trip.

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- 1. 150 gold coins, 2 potions, 1 enchanted amulet 💰✨ 2. 300 gems, 1 legendary sword, 3 health potions 💎🗡️🧪 3. 200 magic crystals, 2 scrolls, 4 mana potions ✨📜🔮

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- "Receive 100 coins, 50 gems, 20 keys, and 5 tokens!"

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Alice’s Restaurant – Word Game

List of Alice’s Restaurant – Word Game Codes

CODEExpiration Date
3GRKU8VIMarch 8, 2024
KDYCA08QFIMarch 30, 2024
VIEODWKRBMarch 29, 2024
60FQLR2OIGEApril 14, 2024
9W6L8ACH7ZMarch 29, 2024
56NG20CXFebruary 16, 2024
8ZGBOLH24YMarch 3, 2024
QF9S7CJEHApril 10, 2024

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.

Alice’s Restaurant – Word Game Review

I love this game, but there are too many ads. I purchased the no-ad pack when it was discounted ($2.99 plus tax) and still got ads. I emailed support and instead of fixing the issue they refunded me. I was upset since I wanted no ads. I bought no ads a second time full price ($5.99 plus tax) and am still getting ads. This is not the reward ads or the pop up banners, but random ads that interrupt my game play. FIX YOUR NO ADS PACK.

This game has a nice concept, a word game with nice decorations. I like the characters and design but I HATE how many ads there are. I would be fine with ads that allow you get more progress or to speed things up, but it's ridiculous to get them after every level completed. You get ads even when not requesting to double your rewards. For this reason I have uninstalled this game.

I like this game a lot don't get me wrong. Its got great gameplay with it scrabble/crossword like puzzles and the Ui and interface is cleanly designed unlike other games. The storyline is... Forgettable... But that's okay - why I finally deleted this games was actually because it keeps glitching. It keep crashing after ad (which happen basically after each level) and on the rare chance you go adless for a while it crashes on the mini advents pages.

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