ALDI USA is a no-frills, high-quality grocery store chain that focuses on providing customers with great value and a unique shopping experience. With over 2,000 stores across 36 states, ALDI USA offers a wide range of products, including fresh produce, organic options, and exclusive brands. The store’s streamlined approach allows for lower prices and savings for customers. ALDI USA is committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly packaging and reducing food waste. Its dedication to community and affordable offerings makes it a popular choice for budget-conscious shoppers seeking quality products.

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ALDI USA Reviews

All of a sudden it gave me some random location that I don't even know. I am constantly trying to change back to my location and all it gives me is "Oops. Something went wrong". So I cannot even use the app now! I've cleared cache, even cleared data. And even re-installed the app and nothing works, rendering the app useless for me.

Needs a full remodel. The interface is disjointed which made it super inconvenient to shop or find what I was looking for. The menu is just a list of weblinks that don't seem to be optimized for the app itself. Also pressing the back button from the delivery shopping page takes me all the way back to the app page (?) instead of the groceries page. Which means that if I every go back a step, I have to take several steps forward get onto the shopping page again and continue from there.

Can't search for products, can't go back with a swipe on your smartphone- have to use the back botton provided in the app or it kicks you out of the grocery section, no nutrition info from the app. You also can't set your local store as your "home store" and because of that, you can't see pricing info. This app has so much potential and can be highly improved, but frankly, it sucks. The no option to search for products and the back button are the biggest problems for me. Not user friendly at all

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