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Agoda is your go-to platform for booking hotels and flights. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of options, Agoda offers a hassle-free booking experience. Whether you’re planning a luxurious getaway or a budget-friendly trip, Agoda has something for everyone. From cozy boutique hotels to internationally renowned chains, Agoda’s extensive accommodation options cater to all preferences. Additionally, you can also conveniently book flights through Agoda, making it a one-stop shop for all your travel needs. With its competitive prices and convenient booking process, Agoda is a must-visit platform for any traveler.

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Agoda: Book Hotels and Flights

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Agoda: Book Hotels and Flights Reviews

Greatt app. Must be on top of your reservations. Before you confirm be cautious of motel you booked by checking address.. I made that mistake and showed up at the wrong motel and the next day I got charged by the original motel. Which I would have never booked due to the distance. Agoda said they could get my money back in 3 days but that wasn't the case. These hotels will charge your card if you do not cancel. Check cancellation policy before booking.

I haven't tried Agoda for flights...yet! I definitely will the first chance I get. Why other's leave awful 1 star reviews is weird because my experience w/ Agoda for int'll bookings is pefect. Their lists of accommodations includes more than just hotels & the only time I had a problem, I received incredible service from my Agoda representative. I wasn't able to reach the guest house manager in Dubai before my flight from Nepal. He was diligent & had worked overtime to resolve the situation.

Agoda is not a reputable source for lodging. I've been to 10 countries and used Agoda to book based on reviews. Their main issues are their map in other countries don't display the correct addresses (or are formatted incorrectly), they do not have accurate reviews due to their rating system, and their refund policy is non-existent. The app itself has real issues loading and the UX refreshing causes major headaches when attempting to load info and view chat history.

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