Step into the future with Age of 2048™: World City Merge, a strategic city-building game that takes place in the year 2048. In this addictive game, you must merge and evolve different city buildings to create a thriving urban landscape. Expand your city by strategically placing buildings and matching them to upgrade to new and more advanced structures. With stunning graphics and challenging gameplay, Age of 2048™ will keep you entertained for hours as you create the ultimate futuristic city. Download now and experience the age of 2048!

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PbgsvLQu830December 1, 2023
opNk4jDbKl852December 30, 2023
2moevuksI423December 2, 2023
MnaTymLkQwd636December 30, 2023
n6EvaSswLq266December 13, 2023

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With the latest version/updates, that game just crashes now, so I can't really play anymore. Game was a little better in the past. the difficulty goes up quickly and then you either (1) must watch ads to get a bonus leveled-up building or (2) buy/use power ups, in order to get to higher levels. With more updates the look and feel appears to try and push you a little more towards purchases.

Was a good little game where you tried to build a city without running out of space. Kind of like a puzzle in that you had to plan your moves. Ads were optional, but I guess that wasn't enough. I uninstalled after getting an ad immediately upon opening. Even worse, there was no obvious way to close the ad which feels scummy.

Hey now, This is brilliant... it's like 2048 but with actual appealing sites from all the transversariate locales around.. absolutely amazing with the graphics, originality, music for each area, and backgrounds..great idea though I noticed that the USA one mostly just focused on New York City (Manhattan) so I think an interesting feet to cover would be different cities like Chicago, DC, and San Francisco!.. whenever you chaps update, it would be a real treat to see this new scope!

There's a big difference in the variety of tiles in the earlier levels compared to the newer ones, and I find the India and Japan stages easier to play because all the tiles are very different from one another. Selecting tiles to be demolished or upgraded can be aggravatingly difficult sometimes. Also wish there was an option to play in permanent daytime/nighttime mode. You get nothing for trying and failing to beat a level, so it gets tiring when you make no progress at all.

It's great, allows you to earn power ups but watching an ad, which supports the Devs so I'm fine with that. However, I chose the wrong app for sharing a screenshot once and now, every time I try to share one or keeps opening the same app. Please allow us to reset the current choice or choose a different one from the menu or something. Other than that, it's fine.

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A new series of "Age of 2048", the most beautiful world city building games! ▼Other bug fixes
- minor bug fixes.

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