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For businesses in need of an efficient packaging and shipping solution, the AfterShip Package Tracker is an ideal choice. Its intuitive platform allows you to track all your packages in real time, ensuring that they reach their destination as planned. With customizable notifications and detailed delivery updates, you can keep your customers informed every step of the way. Furthermore, AfterShip integrates with various shipping carriers, streamlining your operations and saving you valuable time. Say goodbye to package delivery concerns and streamline your shipping process with AfterShip Package Tracker today!

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Even more detailed delivery information than Amazon has for their packages. Also, out of the 7 or 8 other package tracking apps I've tried, this was one of the only ones with the correct time listed in the details. Doesn't do anyone any good when an package tracking app says a package is out for delivery at 7am, but their time listed says 2am. Great detail, and layout with this app

Great potential, but lacking in many areas. The app is great to keep track automatically of your stuff, but I just can't stop thinking on how amazing it would be if you could customize stuff, or have the app learn about which ones are or are not actual shipping/deliveries. The app makes so many mistakes that I wish I could filter out. I would love to pay for a pro version with customization, filtering, searches. Better notifications, better widgets. It's the best, but the best right now is meh

Swapped to AfterShip when 17Track became unusable, and this app does the job fine for most of the part. The problems with the app for me are: 1) the on map route tracking never works and gives inaccurate information. 2) There is no way to manually archive delivered items. 3) There is no way to disable the annoying popup that keeps asking to sync email. 4) There is no way to manually switch to dark mode, the app follows the phones theme instead.

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