Are you tired of searching for African recipes online, only to lose connection in the middle of cooking? Look no further! Introducing African Recipes: Offline Food, an app designed specifically for those who want to explore the rich and flavorful world of African cuisine without relying on an internet connection. With a wide range of traditional dishes from various African countries, this app will provide you with step-by-step instructions, ingredient lists, and stunning food photography, ensuring a truly immersive culinary experience. Download African Recipes: Offline Food today and start cooking!

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I like app. 💯 Nutritional value info made the app much more well rounded. It's the first african app I've seen that incorporate this... So good job! I'd advise you input your own serving size somewhere else to get the correct calories...but so far so good. My only issue is that I'm quite visual so I wasn't really compelled to try any recipes cos of the pictures. Also, the app is a bit slow to load. Other than that, I love it.👏 P:S - You have 10 chances per day to use the nutrition feature.

I've had this application for years. I paid for the premium version so I WOULD NOT 🚫 have ads. They did an update recently and now I have ads and I can't get rid of them!!!! Also there's no way to just save the recipe without rating it first. They have made the application harder to use instead of easier.

I think your app is an amazing idea! And the recipes are delicious and so easy! I would to make a suggestion though. Could you create an interface where a user can select what is available in their pantry, and the app will suggest recipes based on those ingredients? This would be especially useful for South African users. Thank you so much.

Some of the recipes seem to have skipped steps in their methods.

Firstly, your app is "African recipes" all African receipes but looking at it, it's more of North African dishes.. I'd appreciate if it could encompass delicacies from other regions of Africa. Secondly, the presentation style is does not show our African culture. Almost all the delicacies have been modified. What really nerves me is the fact that your preview says African dishes are served and eaten with spoon knife and fork.. No okay, please a complete no! We use our hands.

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Explore the flavors of Africa with over 1000 dishes from all over the continent. * Create your own channel & share your fun experience with food!
* Guided View - Cook your favourite dishes with video guides!
* Feature enhancements and bug fixes on users' suggestions.

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