Embark on an interstellar journey with Adventure Escape: Space Crisis, a thrilling mobile game that challenges players to solve intricate puzzles and unravel a captivating sci-fi narrative. Test your wits as you navigate through a space station in crisis, discovering clues and tools to aid your escape. With stunning graphics and immersive sound design, this game offers an unparalleled gaming experience. Prepare to encounter gripping twists and turns as you strive to survive in the void of space. Adventure Escape: Space Crisis is the ultimate mobile game for those who crave brain-teasing challenges and an enthralling story.

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- 1. "Earn 100 coins, 2 energy boosts, 50 gems, and a life refill."

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Adventure Escape: Space Crisis

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Adventure Escape: Space Crisis Review

This game would be super fun except it doesn't give any directions for the puzzles, you have to use hints, and hint points are super difficult to come by, so once they're gone you either have to hammer away at a puzzle until you want to scream or spend money to get hint points for help or to skip. Games should be fun, not infuriating. Also there's no save mid level. If you leave a level you start again at the beginning. Otherwise I'd really love this game.

It's decent for what it is. Very linear, only a little at a time. Not really an "adventure". It plays similar to a traditional graphic adventure, but it's really more of a puzzle game. I don't do those escape room games, but this is more how I imagine them. The story wasn't terribly compelling. But as far as a short series of puzzles, it was stimulating. And the graphics are pleasant enough, to be sure. It was fun. I just prefer a deeper story and more exploration (and free exploration) in my adventure games.

I encountered a serious glitch in level 8. There was no scanner to fix the ship so I wouldn't have been able to finish, and simply restarting the level didn't fix it. I eventually got around the problem by closing the app entirely and reopening it. In this case its failure to save my progress in the middle of the level was a good thing and I was able to complete the game. Other than that bug, everything worked smoothly and it was fun.

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