Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins is an enthralling mobile game that takes players on a thrilling journey to uncover ancient secrets in an abandoned temple. As the protagonist, you must solve challenging puzzles, find hidden objects, and navigate treacherous traps to unravel the mystery behind the dark ruins. With stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and an intriguing storyline, this game guarantees hours of excitement and adventure. Will you be able to escape the clutches of the ruins and discover the truth? Play Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins and find out!

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- 1000 gold, 5 gems, 2 rubies, 10 diamonds, 3 pieces of equipment, 20 resources, 50 money, and 1 rare item.

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, 200 money, 3 diamonds, 50 resources, powerful weapon, health potion, enchanted amulet, mystical artifact.

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tKskf5QV554November 8, 2023
TNhGzF6We4718October 1, 2023
dRnGriJke999September 25, 2023
qy8FtfV4SOh162November 6, 2023
3JsxDzh0Ft681October 8, 2023

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I love Haiku's escape games. I did have a couple issues, the main one being a usability issue. There's a puzzle that requires you to move along a path without hitting the edges. The problem is that you could only move the"cursor" when your finger was almost on top of it. I have longer nails (but not talons) and I could. Not. See. the dang path because my nail tip completely hid it! It took foreeeeever because of this. I tried holding my phone at different angles but it didn't help. I'd suggest that you allow a bigger distance between your finger and the cursor. You'll have to make the same path anyway but those with long nails won't need to do it blindly.

Awesome game. The characters are amusing, enjoying their continuity. Clue placements are spot on. Loved that the puzzles made you think, nothing too easy but always fun. The following the grey line puzzle took forever because I couldn't see past my nail, which are short for typing. I dropped a point in control rating for that, sorry. It was a great annoyance. Maybe you could consider adding a check point or two along the grey path puzzle. Overall, loved it. Am looking forward to the next one.

Beautiful game. Good story. Unfortunately I am not fast enough to play a part where I have to quickly tap to play some music. That's where I had to stop playing :( . Also, before that music part, there was a part where character was dizzy and had double and triple vision and I had to fit the images together. I felt a little dizzy myself looking at it. If you're quick, go for it. If you're playing on a cellphone, use a magnifying glass to see the little detail clues.

I've played a few haiku games and this one was the most boring. The puzzles were too hard and didnt make a lot of sense. Just guessed and looked up the answers. But overall the story just wasn't great. And the HINTS SUCK. You should make hints that help with where you are in the game! The hints will make you pay for things you've already figured out in the level. Super frustrating.

As always the game was awesome. But there was a huge problem in one of the puzzle( board puzzle). The game doesn't move forward at all. Even if I have completed it. It was too frustrating. I also checked with other walkthrough and the answer were same but only mine didn't progress. I have to pay for stars without any reason. Just so I could continue. It was just too frustrating. Please look on to it.

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Escape a ruined city and save the world! Thanks for playing!
- Improved language support for Hungarian
- Fixed some bugs
- Improved clarity of Chapter 2 hints

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