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9/19/23 If you could release an update that solves the random ad play on the lock screen that would be great, it's literally the most annoying thing ever, especially when it randomly plays in the middle of the night, it's been an issue for months now and nothing has been fixed. Other than that it's an ok app. Used to be a lot easier to earn points but if you have 5hrs every day to do random tasks then you can get your points.

Nice earning points for prizes. I was saving them up. I had about 100k points. But all of a sudden my points went back down 0. I was not notified of any points expiration. The app doesnt even tell me when points expire. Not only this, but when I use their lockscreen, random video ads would pop up when im not even using my phone and sound would be on. They take me by surprise me every time. Video ads on lockscreen need to stop randomly popping up and SHUT UP. This experience sucks.

After two years of very good service with this app, I'm ready to uninstall. They've had weird music playing in the background of my phone, and now they have commercials playing during my Screensaver. Also had an unresolved issue with points, that they said they resolved and I had all the documents to back it up.

I used this app very adamantly for years. It does pay out but you have to be like a full time slave for a less than a penny per hour. Even with lockscreen ads. When you commit and earn enough for free service it doesn't even work on Cricket's end. I had enough credits they should have owed me and I still ended up having to pay money toward my bill. Rewards were not carrying over when I called to fix it. Nothing Cricket could do with points I had. Ridiculous.

I love this app and all it offers BUT this new ad setting from the latest update is getting on my last nerve! The pop ad keeps making me leave my game in the middle of a timed game. I'm losing coins and event tickets!!! The screensaver ad plays sounds, even when I have my phone on silent mode (it went off during a couple of work trainings where no phones were allowed. They thought I was on my phone!!!) Please fix this!!!

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