ACE: Air Cruiser Elite codes are secret combinations that unlock special features, upgrades, or in-game items in the popular flight simulation game. Players can discover codes through various game challenges, events, or by following official social media accounts for announcements. Using codes can give players an advantage by providing them with powerful weapons, exclusive skins, or additional resources to enhance their gameplay experience. It’s important for players to stay updated on the latest codes to maximize their gaming potential and stay ahead of the competition in ACE: Air Cruiser Elite.

New valid ACE: Air Cruiser Elite Code

Code is hidden Get

- Win 500 credits, 10 power-ups, and a rare holographic card.

Code is hidden Get

- Captain's Bounty: Gold 100, Gear 50, Energy 30, Upgrade 20.

Secret rewards Get
ACE: Air Cruiser Elite

List of ACE: Air Cruiser Elite Codes

EP4OBQ6V Ore x359, Gems x54, EXP x3748, Stone x952 (Expires on June 16, 2024)
XW2ALTM9QR Ore x27, Free Boosts x58, Resources x512, Diamonds x7129 (Expires on May 19, 2024)
3AZNOSJI8Q6 Resources x73419, Ore x513, Summon Scrolls x651 (Expires on June 16, 2024)
CFVK6UELIHA Energy x32158, Free Boosts x16834 (Expires on May 21, 2024)
W214Y7VB VIP Points x5421, Gems x65984 (Expires on July 4, 2024)
9RI7ND0O Speed Up x7294, Chest x7312 (Expires on June 9, 2024)
BI826ADG Timber x17836, Ore x85 (Expires on May 31, 2024)
0JTQVOZNLMCU Stone x689, Diamonds x61, Timber x6329 (Expires on July 1, 2024)
4MIK8BHQ Energy x83, Chest x14362 (Expires on June 3, 2024)
RE9TKGB5S4AF Diamonds x2147, Stone x73, Coins x85 (Expires on June 9, 2024)
D28GOAV6JSEW Free Boosts x5132, Diamond x23, Stone x46, Chest x13897 (Expires on July 12, 2024)
TU5XZ1BJ Hero EXP x41, Diamond x87 (Expires on July 2, 2024)
4TRCBO2031A Rubies x167, Free Boosts x58, Items x675 (Expires on July 12, 2024)

How to redeem ACE: Air Cruiser Elite codes?

To redeem a code for ACE: Air Cruiser Elite, launch the game, navigate to the in-game store, select the "Redeem Code" option, enter the code, and enjoy your rewards.

ACE: Air Cruiser Elite Codes review

Lacking in power. Once you upgrade your equipment, there isn't much difference. Damage and defense are the same. The power-ups aren't that great either. Also, hard difficulty pretty much is impossible as you can't dodge many attacks. It almost forces you to spend money for next-to-nothing improvements. The only saving grace, it's great for boredom if you have time to waste. Improve on these things and the rating world definitely go up

This is an amazing game! But it's ruined by money making tactics, like the majority of mobile games now. When I got to level 10 in the second zone, the shot patterns seem impossible to pass. To try to make you buy the packages to boost up, something I won't do. But I did manage to beat the 2nd to last boss, only for the game to "cliche" and kick me out. This has happened on the same boss 10 time that's not a coincidence. And the final boss has shot patterns you can't pass.

The game is great but now I'm loosing money. I love the difficulty in the game bcuz everything got progressively harder and I loved the fact that I didn't have to spend much money to do so, but after I reached level 14 after making a few purchases, my last two purchases the money was taken out of my account, but in the game I was hit with a transaction error and my money wasn't refunded to my account. I'm definitely uninstalling this game.

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