Absolute Barbecues, also known as AB’s, is a premier dining destination for BBQ enthusiasts. AB’s offers an exquisite dining experience with its all-you-can-eat buffet featuring a wide variety of grilled meats, seafood, and delectable side dishes. The vibrant and lively atmosphere at AB’s creates the perfect setting for family gatherings, birthday celebrations, or casual dining with friends. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets it apart, ensuring that each visit to AB’s is a memorable and gratifying culinary journey. With its unique flavors and attentive service, AB’s truly delivers an exceptional dining experience for BBQ lovers.

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- 1. 50% off on buffet 2. Free dessert 3. 2 for 1 drinks 4. Complimentary starters 5. Discount on takeaway orders

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Absolute Barbecues – AB’s

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Absolute Barbecues – AB’s Reviews

App is not much good, can't able to enter without entering location. Once entered the location the app failed to save the location as default. The users are humans they know to find or select the location. This is worst.

Very worst experience Don't ever order TAKE AWAY (Quantity is ver less, they are giving in PIZZA Box) and they are not even providing bill ,even if u go directly also they will ask u to book in app oly also the app is very poor, I took almost more than 30 mins to book a item, also u can't see the bill items in app also ,They need lot of improvement in SERVICE IF U CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE THEY WONT RESOLVE YOUR QUERY ALSO THEY WILL GIVE U JUST BRANCH MANAGER NUM tat u can take from Google itself

It may be a food, quality, service, timing or anything...I just have only one word to describe Absolute Barbeque WHITEFIELD branch.. it's just AWESOME

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