Wize Levels is a revolutionary platform that challenges users to hack their logic codes and improve their cognitive skills. With a wide range of mind-bending puzzles and brain teasers, Wize Levels offers a unique and engaging way to sharpen your problem-solving abilities. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a casual player, the diverse challenges presented in Wize Levels will keep you entertained and mentally stimulated. Take on the ultimate challenge and see if you have what it takes to master the logic codes and level up your skills in this exciting virtual world.

New valid Wize levels- hack your logic Code

Code is hidden Get

- Unlocked: 50 hints, 20 keys, and 100 coins await you.

Code is hidden Get

- Earn 50 gems, 20 coins, 10 keys, and a booster pack.

Secret rewards Get
Wize levels- hack your logic

List of Wize levels- hack your logic Codes

CODEExpiration Date
GBVHFCMEMay 8, 2024
XCB69K5SFGMay 24, 2024
SRUX2OZPWMay 23, 2024
3NQ5IP8D2L6June 7, 2024
GO8NUMSL19June 20, 2024
D8MB9GH4May 16, 2024
5LCI63Q079May 17, 2024
TN7O9ZCW0June 22, 2024

How to Redeem Code?

To redeem code for Wize levels, unlock new logic hacks and boost your problem-solving skills by entering the code in the designated redeem section.

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