ZOX LA is a brand that focuses on creating unique and stylish accessories. One of their popular products is the ZOXLIST, a versatile wristband that is perfect for keeping track of daily tasks and goals. With its sleek design and customizable features, the ZOXLIST is not just a functional accessory, but also a fashion statement. Whether you need a reminder for work deadlines or personal goals, the ZOXLIST is here to help you stay organized in style.

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I love these products, but the app has many problems. The search shows no results no matter what I put in. The ZotD link opens a seperate page with a button to click, but it never opens up in Messenger no matter how many times i click. You can't customize notifications recieved. There's no place to view your wishlists from the website. If you delete the app and reinstall, your favorites get erased.

I absolutely love the product. But the app doesn't connect thru to my email. I get error messages. And I can't track my orders as I get error messages too. I wish I could leave the reviews on products but it makes it hard when it doesn't connect. Yes I can't still get through on the website. But I thought that's the reason they made apps!

For using the app to place my order, Zox granted me access to shop a few minutes before the release. On limited-edition Zox, those few minutes determine if the strap you want is sold out or not. Also, because the app was super fast and easy to navigate I was able to get two limited-addition Halloween Straps before they sold out! I will be ordering through the app more often. #ZOXON

Wow it's a whole new world,easy to order recommend these can stop buying.

Best bracelets ever!! Seem to last forever and are super comfy.

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