Zombie Survival: HAZE is a dynamic action game set in the world of the onset zombie apocalypse. It doesn’t matter what led to the fact that people suddenly turned into flesh-hungry monsters, the main thing for you now is to survive. Find an impregnable shelter where you can feel relatively safe. Find the resources you need and use them wisely. Develop combat experience and useful skills of the hero. Fight hordes of zombies roaming the area. Explore nearby territories and find other survivors. Team up with new friends to more effectively confront enemies.

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CodesExpiration DateTotal
5MdBmbEtfXWDecember 1, 2022337
fUkEcrK4yYbIOctober 20, 2022420
lr5HVUIpTkNovember 8, 2022430
W0yzK2jY7wDOctober 16, 2022353
r6zqdnLkmJvNovember 20, 2022500

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graphics are good design, easy to play offline. The game is not as difficult as most survival zombies. it could be nice if we could change the color of our car or some more decorations. There are some bugs like the gun shop task. almost finished the 3rd wave but failed and came back the next day to try again but the woman (who usually waits inside) disappeared even when I tried to restart the app she was still not there.

This game is a gem. The graphic is okay, but the gameplay is astonishing! So many features, and details! And the storyline is great too. If you don't care much about the graphics, and more to the fun of the gameplay, then this game is for you. Of course there still a very few minor bug here and there (like most game are), like the companion won't budge when they are in your way, which make u stuck and you have to restart the chapter. But in overall, this game is just a masterpiece.

Top game loads to do. Rpg element easy to follow as i am not too good with that sort of genre . Just have a slight problem after playing it for a few day's the items i have stored and bought off the trader seem to have disappeared from my inventory. Can you fix this bug please . The items disappeared from the lockers in the barn and living room. Still a great game. The gunshop mission is not working the character was there once. I failed on my first go since then the character is missing.

This game is pretty cool and I like to play more of it but could you change the speed of the time inside the game because it's too fast and I don't have enough time to get materials and sort some stuff and also could you make the sell price a bit high since I needed money to buy gear and weapons and one more thing. Could you add manual save instead of saving the game every time we finished fighting the horde at night.

The one week experience is very cool. I love this kinda graphics. Change fence and weapons look when we upgrade them. It will look so cool. Also, expand location asap. Please add more quests, it feels boring to play without challenges. Thank you developers.

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NameSurvive zombie apocalypse HAZE
Rating3.6 (684 ratings)
Update3 October, 2022
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