Zombie Gunship Survival is an action-packed shooting game that puts you in control of a heavily armed AC-130 aircraft. Your mission is to protect survivors from hordes of bloodthirsty zombies by raining down destruction from above. Upgrade your weapons, unlock new aircraft and recruit elite gunners to increase your chances of survival. The game features stunning graphics, intense gameplay, and a compelling storyline. Experience the thrill of blasting zombies into oblivion and ensure the survival of humanity in Zombie Gunship Survival.

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I played the original version years ago. This was a Beta back then, waited a long time for the release. Very fun, engaging gameplay (the constant "buy this upgrade" is annoying) but the kiddies with Daddy's credit card won't mind. A bit difficult learning how to navigate the screens, experience is the best teacher. All in all, a nice way to fritter away an hour or so.

Level confusion....not sure what's happening with the game. Seems like it stops for me after a certain level although I have plenty of stars to move higher. But it's a great time killer! A BIT in the pricey side for any premium stuff though. And the times for crate opening? I feel like they are specifically to force a player to spend gold if they want to keep playing. Should be at least 8 slots for chests.

Great game. Very addicting. Some of the levels have defects. It doesn't allow you to capture the building completely of loot even if no enemies are near it, and sometimes even though it doesn't get the loot of the building, it still gives you a full completion anyway. If they can fix that part the game will be perfect. Definitely some strategy behind the simplistic levels as you advance far Into the game.

Fun game but a little monotonous. The developers claim of "horrors" from the undead is funny because the zombies are the size of ants from the AC-130 view. If you learn fast, upgrade your weapons, and upgrade your team regularly you can play in hard mode and survive early in the game. A big plus is that you can advance pretty quickly without having to purchase anything. I like that.

I'm going to give my honest review on this, I installed this game pretty much as soon as it came out and I thought that it was the best game ever and I still do, please fix the ranking system I'm stuck on level 23 trying to get to level 25 just so I can upgrade my headquarters 6 year later.. sabotage missions would be cool, search and destroy. Don't end the round if my troops are still inside the last house. That's really annoying too. what happened to the missions with trains and bunkers.

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Join the zombie battle with the thrilling gunship shooter - Zombie Gunship! The whirring blades of the helicopter shower us in dust. As it washes over us, the palpable tension is replaced with cautious hope. New weapons have arrived. This should even the odds.
This update brings Season 6, and along with it:
- 2 new weapons
- Thanksgiving and Black Friday events and offers
- Bug Fixes

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