Zombie City Master is the ultimate zombie game that will test your survival skills. In this action-packed game, you play as the master of a zombie city, where you must defend your territory from hordes of the undead. Use your strategic thinking and quick reflexes to build barricades, recruit survivors, and unleash powerful weapons to defeat the zombies. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Zombie City Master will keep you on your toes as you navigate the treacherous streets filled with brain-hungry zombies. Are you ready to become the ultimate master of the zombie city?

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UN36KPpu754December 14, 2023
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UCru1nktS443December 22, 2023
vGDwa3cMXFL282December 23, 2023
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Zombie City Master-Zombie Game Tier List

The game play is nice and all, but the hours you need to wait to both unlock and upgrade buildings, with no chance to buy/earn additional workers so that you can work on multiple buildings at once, is annoying. Thankfully, after hitting the reset button a couple dozen times, I was able to get the version I like back, so that's a plus.

Really love the game. I'm having a problem however. On level 185, in the top right corner, there is a solider ( brown fatigue automatic rifle character) stuck inside one of the columns on the building and can't be killed. I've tried the level multiple times. I have the ad skip, so I've been just having my zombies swarm around the column like a mosh pit at a slip knot show, soaking up the ad resource bonuses. That being said I'd love to be able to advance now.

I just love this game, it has very nice content because instead of being a human force fighting zombies, it's the opposite. The only thing I am kind of sad about is all of the bones that are left in the ground after rounds no matter how much I upgrade my bone collecters. Overall, this is a very good game, so I don't mind watching ads that pop up on the right side. More games should get rid of pop up ads and get optional ads.

Just another ad-spamming game if you don't want to pay for no ads. But unlike many other games, the no ads purchase here is very, very satisfying. It makes progression so much easier. I personally don't think this game is enjoyable with the ads, so it's not getting 5 stars from me. Wish it was more playable without paying for no ads. Update: clear your app cache to unlock the 3 new buildings of 3 new zombie types. Pretty excited to try them out.

A lot of fun for what it is. There is no real way to lose a level, except the few timed ones. Quite ad heavy, even for a free game, I watch a lot of the optional ads for more resources, so I wish I could just skip the mandatory ones after each level, since at that point I am watching ads every few seconds.

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Tired of escape and survival games? It’s time to let zombies hunt entire cities! Hey Zombie City Masters! Our latest update contains bug fixes and behind the scenes enhancements. Thanks for playing - now go conquer the world!

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