Zip Zap Coupon Codes (2023 October) 2.11

Last update September 22, 2023

Zip Zap is a high-energy game that requires quick reflexes and sharp attention. Players stand in a circle and pass a quick hand motion and phrase “Zip, Zap” to the person beside them. The fun begins when players start to mix up the motion and phrase, causing confusion and amusement. The game improves hand-eye coordination, enhances reflexes, and boosts mental agility. With its fast-paced nature, Zip Zap is a perfect game for parties, team-building activities, or simply a lively way to pass the time with friends and family.

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- 1000 gold, 5 diamonds, 3 rubies, 20 items, 2 equipment, 500 gems, 2000 money, 10 resources, 4 gems, 50 gold.

Code is hidden Get

- 10 gold, 5 gems, 300 coins, 2 diamonds, 50 resources, 3 equipment, 20 items.

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Zip Zap Codes

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Gift CodesTotalExpiration Date
x8LNvrSI707October 24, 2023
tJpewEVnyG774November 13, 2023
ZcNpShWe7119November 20, 2023
mDXTcyjOtqV750October 13, 2023
WfgaJ2Hmv9548October 25, 2023

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Zip Zap Tier List

I CAN'T STAND THIS! The game itself is beautiful, creative and fun and worth every cent. I'd say all Kamibox games fit that, except maybe Letter². But, there's no way to mute the app properly. You can turn off the music and the squeaking of the hinges, which is greatly appreciated, but you can't turn off the thumps of parts falling. This drives me mad, I tend to listen to podcasts or video essays while I play casual games and this one thing makes that impossible. Other than that, 5 stars.

The simplicity is deceiving, RNG is probably involved, and the physics are complex; together, it allows an addictive gameplay with repeating "so close!" and "one more try". Every time I thought the ingenuity peaked, it surprises me with a new section. While I wished there was some sort of fanfare when completing all the levels, this will be fun to replay in a year or two.

Physics that you feel in your soul. I'm a sucker for simple games with really basic mechanics that are taken to wacky extremes. The sense of motion I get from some of these levels had me physically leaning my body as if it would help. It gives you a feeling I can only describe as anticipation. You can feel where the ball is going to go and it's just so satisfying. BTW there are 144 levels. The people who say there are less are just bad at the game because you have to beat levels to unlock more.

The game is a good strategy like game. Like another review said you can't turn off the sound of the blocks thumping but can turn off other sounds. Other than that the game is good.

Very nice and satisfying, except for the many levels with chaotic behavior that require precise (and unintuitive) input; those levels are very frustrating.

Zip Zap Coupon Codes

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Touch to contract. Release to let go. Bring the clumsy mechanical beings home.

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