Zentris is a relaxing and entertaining Tetris-style puzzle game that will allow you not only to have fun, but also to pump up your logical abilities, attentiveness and ingenuity. Your task is to clear the platforms by placing various kinds of tile shapes on them in such a way as to fill a row or several columns at once. For each destroyed row you get points. Gradually, the complexity of the game increases, there are more and more figures and filling the playing field with them turns into a difficult but exciting task. Zentris game received beautiful minimalistic graphics, addictive gameplay and pleasant music.

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8mMtv7ZpifS November 27, 2022 704
3EQeVr8WNJo7 November 26, 2022 525
DUGXt0z85I December 18, 2022 107
Bk6o0aACSRG November 28, 2022 315
7aFBx2dQi6L November 2, 2022 440

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This 3 dimensional block game has pretty skins and good music, without the time pressure of falling blocks. I liked it so much I bought the "unlimited" boost upgrade the first day, but the name and description are misleading. "Unlimited" out turns out to mean one of each type of boost per game. Also, any purchase is supposed to remove ads, but now they have added video ads between games that they have apparently exempted from their previous commitment. Sad to see a good game wrecked by greed.

I really enjoy the puzzle mechanics of this game. I've been playing for awhile ad free. Now I have to purchase something every time I play to keep the ads removed. This seems like explotation. I'd be happier to pay a bigger one-time price and have ads removed for good. Nothing pushes me away from a game like ads every time I pause the game.

it's a nice little game with beautiful colors/skins and it is relaxing. I liked it so much that I purchased unlimited and 20 energy. previous to its more recent update(s), it said that any purchase removes ads. with the new update, it now says any purchase will remove all advertisement banners. *not* the video ads in between games. this is disappointing, and I really don't want to turn off all internet connectivity to play this game ad-free. I get it, you gotta make money, but come on.

I adored this game for the longest time. It was a great game that I could play offline while waiting around doing nothing or if I needed something to do to help my ADD. Around when I first got the game I bought the package that removed adds altogether from the game. I don't know what happened but suddenly, as of today, I'm getting ads between every damn game now. I was able to deal with them changing how many points you earn for completing rows but this is total bs.

I'd love to love this game. I absolutely love playing it, but the ad integration is total balls. I'm fine with lots of ads, especially for cheap games, but it appears there have been the same issues for months with no indication that any changes are coming. Some ads have sound even after muting, but the worst is that after every game it plays the sounds from an ad, without the visual and without an option to skip. Yes I can mute the media on my phone, but then I can't use my phone to play music

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Name Zentris
Version 1.19.26
Price FREE
Rating 3.3 (11495 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 23, 2022
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