Yogurtland is a popular frozen yogurt chain that offers a wide variety of flavors and toppings to create your perfect dessert. With over 200 locations worldwide, Yogurtland has become a go-to spot for yogurt lovers of all ages. Their self-serve model allows customers to choose their desired amount of frozen yogurt and toppings, making each visit a unique experience. Whether you prefer classic flavors like chocolate or adventurous combinations like salted caramel popcorn, Yogurtland has something for everyone. Enjoy a delicious and customizable treat at Yogurtland today!

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5CzLwpGNk1634January 9, 2024

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What a waste of time even after an update. I had no problems using this app last year & now I can't sign in. I went through the steps to reset the password & changed my password on my profile, but it will not let me sign in on the app. The reset email only works online & it will not work on the app. I thought it was just me, but read how many recent reviews are the same log in issues with the app. I'm removing this app as soon as I finish this sentence.

The app crashes immediately when trying to open it and it hasn't worked for over a year. I've tried clearing app data, reinstalling, etc, but nothing works. I'm currently using a Google Pixel 7 Pro with Android 14, but it didn't work on my Pixel 3XL running Android or 13 either.

Absolutely love the taste and the freedom to choose different flavors and toppings!

Read the other reviews about trying to use your credit card with this app!! Very disappointing! Tried to add value, went through the process of entering my card details only for it to give me an error. Their website also has issues with entering your card details. Surprised a company that doesn't care about the details is surviving. Fail!

Really irritated! The app worked fine for a long time. Now, I get signed out EVERY TIME I close it. Today, I tried signing in and it wouldn't take my password. So, I went through the tedious process of finding my card number and changing my password. The app still won't let me sign in!!! I can sign in online, but not through the app, taking up space in my phone. What's the point of having an app that I can't use?

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Conveniently order ahead, earn points and redeem rewards on the Yogurtland app We’ve introduced minor enhancements and performance improvements.

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