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This app has been amazing for the last couple of years but two issues have come up recently. The app won't recognize my USOI holdings on any of my portfolios and no matter what kind of troubleshooting or resetting/re-linking I do, it does not fix the issue. Furthermore, the new update isn't able to track my portfolios all at once because it's more than 200 holdings across all of them, yet the previous version was able to do that. Did they purposely made it worse? Put it back plz!

I switched from CNBC app to this one. Yahoo Finance is constantly being improved. Runs smoothly. The portfolios and watch lists are awesome. The desktop version is a natural extension. Great app. Added review below on Thu Apr 25, 2019. Yahoo Finance is having a lot if issues lately. 1) I like the new and refreshed appearance. 2) The speed has slowed a lot and it doesn't "stream" as smoothly as before. I have to refresh or check other sources on the prices I see which is sad.

All data displayed is old, charts don't update. In certain "high profile" tickers, it'll just display straight up false data for hours. Interesting. Somehow the post and pre ticker pricing is always way off. I pretty much use this for the list, but if I want to see the current price or chart of any ticker I have to look it up on Google. No idea why this app can't show accurate stock data, since that's all it is supposed to do. Update: works pretty well now

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