Worten is a leading retailer that offers a wide range of electronic and household appliances. From smartphones to washing machines, laptops to refrigerators, Worten has it all. With a commitment to delivering the best products at competitive prices, Worten ensures customer satisfaction. They also provide excellent after-sales service and a convenient online platform for hassle-free shopping. Whether you’re looking for the latest gadgets or reliable home appliances, Worten is the go-to destination. Visit their stores or browse their website to discover an extensive selection and enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

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The customer services are very bad and even the customer service staff are too bad once i called and chose english option they picked up and said my collegue will call you i can't understand english and didn't even called and when i tried second time she didn't even listened me and cut the phone saying the same thing . They are so poor in dealing with customers . Very baaad got me hyped up .

uninstalling, there is no option for English or no translation like the other web based app. i will the other one for the time being.

Dont understand what all the negative reviews are about.Been using this App for inumerous purchases and I find it perfect in every way ...Easy to select Favorites ,Cart and all products are easily accessible.

Needs dark mode, English version and a way to personalize push notifications

There seems to be no option to change the language to English which is weird.

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Worten's APP has everything and I don't know what else!

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