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Application is extremely poor. Will not even allow logins. Uninstalled reinstalled, same result. When will it be fixed? There's problems with the way the website works as well. On a different note, the service is always excellent and beautiful flowers are always delivered. Any problems are typically taken care of very quickly. Most of the problems have to do with the florists in the local areas.

hello it was working good till recent update there is a bug they request update

В приложении просто огромный выбор шикарных букетов в разном ценовом диапазоне. Долго выбирала, какой именно заказать, в итоге определилась и не пожалела. Цветы пришли во время, причём точь-в-точь как на картинке, свежие. Однозначно, довольна этим сервисом, рекомендую.

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