World War Polygon: WW2 shooter is an adrenaline-pumping game that takes players back to the intense battles of World War II. With realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, players can experience the heart-pounding action of famous historical battles. From storming the beaches of Normandy to fighting in the streets of Stalingrad, this game offers a realistic and authentic WW2 experience. Choose from a variety of authentic weapons and tactics, and test your skills against AI-controlled enemies. Get ready to relive the intensity of World War II in World War Polygon: WW2 shooter.

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Honestly, it's way better than expected. I was expecting a couple levels with below average gameplay and graphics. Instead, I got a really well made game besides a couple minor bugs. Pretty big game with a ton of levels, I tried the other polygon ww2 games and this just blows them out of the water. Online is super fun and the maps look great.

This is an AMAZING game. I love everything about it. However, there's a big problem with loading. In the 1st level of the 2nd subsection in Stalingrad, the loading freezes. The bar stops at 43%, 65%, 85%, and then the game just crashes. It happens every time. You can play zombies fine. Any other missions fine. But without that, the game is softlocked and you can't progress. There have been other reviews similar or the same as this one, and fixing it would help a lot! This game is still great tho

As a preface, this is a very fun game that is easy to get a handle on. The only down side to this game and is holding the fifth star back is the amount of ads. You can watch ads to double rewards or gain little boost in single player, which I'm 100% fine with. What's annoying are all of the other ads that pop up after a match or level, tapping the "go" button to play either single or multiplayer, or even ads that show up after you're finished watching a voluntary ad to double a reward.

A very fun and high quality game. A majority of the levels (especially the secret lab) remind me of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, an old WWII game similar to this. This game features an extensive and right-to-the-point storyline, detailed maps, and a wide array of enemies and weapons. I also appreciate the attempt to make the enemies fit the campaign theater (headsocks in Russia). I look forward to the final chapter being added hopefully soon. Keep up the good work!

It's a decent game, and it gets 4 stars for putting gameplay over graphics. However, it lacks controller support, which for a game like this is a crucial dealbreaker. The on-screen controls are a little wonky; and the manual fire button(s) can't be repositioned, which means they accidentally get bumped while maneuvering through levels. The auto-fire works well enough. If other folks don't object to the same things I did, they're welcome to this game; but I uninstalled. Cool game, otherwise.

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Epic single-player WW2 shooter with multiplayer and zombie modes. Duty calls! Version 2.26 is out now!
* Important game engine modernization
* Multiple crashes fixed
* Optimization of the game
* Improvements in game economy
* Balancing of the game difficulty
* Bugfixes

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