World Soccer Champs is a thrilling game that lets you live your dream of becoming a soccer champion. With realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, you can compete against teams from all over the world and lead your team to victory. Train your players, develop winning strategies, and make crucial decisions in each match to progress through the tournament. Upgrade your stadium, sign star players, and show off your skills on the global leaderboard. Download World Soccer Champs today and take your team to the top of the soccer world!

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World Soccer Champs Tier List

This game is amazing, the only thing I think it's missing is a career mode where you get to play as a player, and also a simulation mode where you can simulate International and club matches without having to be on a team while also watching the game! (Like simulating world Cup qualifiers as well and friendlies stuff like that, also it could be called "spectator mode" where you just spectate competitions internationally and club competitions, while being in a season mode progressing years!)

Love this for commuting! I've played this game for probably 500+ seasons over like 5 careers and I can say the improvements I've seen in that time have been great! There are a few things I hope for going forward to that I feel would improve the simulatory experience: 1. The ability to loan players and/or a separate youth team 2. after too many seasons lack of CPU roster management renders the user overpowered 3. Ability to control def/gk movement off ball 4. + variation in att scenarios Thanks!

This game is very fun and extremely addicting (In a good way). The only reason I didn't rate this a five star is that the injuries that my players get are very confusing. For example: when I played a friendly game against a one start team and my team was a 4 star team, the other team had zero chances throughout the whole game and somehow my goalkeeper got injured and it just gets a little bit frustrating. But overall, it's a good game

Fantastic, but could use some improvements, The simple mechanics make the game easy to learn yet still a challenge. It's nice how simple the game is so you aren't overloaded with tasks before every game. Although it's a good game there is several improvements that could be added such as ways to earn money during the season, more fleshed out tactics, and a stats screen so you can at least see how your players have done this season. A definite favorite and a game I'll recommend.

Another good world soccer game. I just wish it had a little more content. Worth a download. The gameplay is fun. But defending is kind of boring though. I wish there was more control over my defensive players movement. Having it turn based (like offensive attacks) would make it more engaging. Additionally, I wish there was more team management involved. I would like a new UI element that allows you see tables and standings, upcoming fixtures, and player fitness. Otherwise a great game.

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Mobile football with super simple controls, energetic & engaging experience. ⚽️ Enhanced booking realism based on real-life player data.
⚽️ Receive prize money after league promotions.
⚽️ Exciting random events that sway your game's fortune.
⚽️ Kit editor: Customize club kits & colors.
⚽️ New competitions: Cup of Champions EUR-SA & Club Challenge EUR-SA.
⚽️ Player stats now show booking details.
⚽️ Club screen highlights national team players.
⚽️ Updated Scotland D1 & D2 league formats.
Dive in, and lead your team to glory! 🏆

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