Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is an enchanting action-adventure game that takes players on a nostalgic journey back to the 1980s. In this modern reimagining of the classic Sega Master System game, players take on the role of Wonder Boy, cursed by a dragon’s spell to transform into different creatures. The game’s stunning hand-drawn graphics and immersive soundtrack capture the essence of the original, while the added features and improvements make it a must-play for both old fans and newcomers. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with exploration, battles, and exciting transformations.

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I really enjoyed playing this game through. I played the original as a kid and got a lot of pleasure out of seeing the beautifully drawn artwork. I don't play games often, so thought the controls would be problematic for me, but I managed to get through and play the whole game. I would have given it 5 stars, because I actually did love playing through the game, but the game did crash pretty often. It didn't happen every time I played, but if a game session lasted longer than a half hour, it probably crashed once on me in there. I just had to close the app and restart back at the home town. I rarely lost any real progress in the game, though it would have been frustrating if it happened during a boss battle. (It didn't.)

The graphics are great. You can resize the control pad and action buttons, in addition to repositioning them, but somehow this does not fix the issues with slow response. I wasn't able to jump and hit the first level boss even on the easy level. My character couldn't jump high enough at the right moment to do any damage. No matter what I did, it's health stayed at 100%

Very amazing and classic game but not ported with very many options. For instance, my phone has the ratio set up so the icons on the top of the screen are basically missing, which is very annoying. I wanted to adjust the resolution or side bars, but there's no options for that. Otherwise it would be a fine port. I refunded it :(

There is a bug in the secret area for the mouse. If you are pressing right and quickly press left, you will keep moving right. This is the only area in the game where this happens and it makes it completely impossible to get the stone. Platformers require precise left-right movement. I have tried to cross the floating boxes at least 100 times and cannot do it because of this bug. I was just annoyed that the audio in the game is delayed by about 500 milliseconds, but this is too much. Unplayable.

A revised review of the game. Overall it's an okay port, but there are a myriad of issues, as listed from experience here: The title screen is an amalgamation between the Wonder Boy and Girl variants. Occasionally attack or spell buttons fail to work. The Tasmanian Sword can glitch and no longer allow you to switch forms. Mouse-Man's hidden challenge area for his charmstone bugs the control pad during the high platforming bit, making him veer off to the right and back down to the bottom.

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The cult classic returns with boasting beautiful hand-drawn animations!

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