“Wise” represents the culmination of knowledge, insight, and foresight. It epitomizes the ability to make sound judgments and thoughtful decisions based on deep understanding and experience. Being wise entails the capacity to discern right from wrong, to consider the long-term consequences of actions, and to offer valuable guidance to others. Wisdom is often associated with age, but it can also be found in the young who possess a perceptive mind and a thirst for knowledge. Cultivating wisdom involves learning from mistakes, seeking diverse perspectives, and embracing a humble approach to life’s complexities.

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Wise Reviews

Always been a wonderful app. Been using it for about 6 years now. However not pleased with being forced to include job occupation now before sending a transfer and no way around it. That's not your business. Another feature that's missing imo is the ability to set alerts when the exchange rate hits rates set by the user. Some other apps like Xe do this. But it'd be great to use one less app to check rates.

Asking me far to many times for 2 step verification. It isn't " from time to time" it is done MOST evertime i login. ..... I've rated wise higher because the problem has eased somewhat. Now it seems the app asks for my bank info twice. However, it now only asks me to verify my password ever other time thru 2 step verification.... the whole process has slowed down but i think that is just too much traffic on the internet... improvement needed but still the best money transfer app. & No ads!

Been using Wise for years and generally I like it. But the app can be irritating when you expect to be able to just send the transfer but you'll randomly be asked to reconnect your bank account or take a pic of your ID. You'd expect that once you're registered and set up you wouldn't have to do that stuff anymore. Also, kind of dumb to have login with Google but to require users to enter their Wise account password when sending a transfer, which kind of defeats the purpose of login with Google.

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