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Windscribe VPN Coupon reviews

UTTER TRASH. Constantly disconnects, leaving me unprotected. Shamefully slow. Leaks leaks leaks. Tried many servers throughout a year, it only gets slower. Doesn't even start up with the phone, I have to enable manually. I paid MONEY for this. On the bright side, the app is very simple to use. Dropped my review from 4 stars to 2 to 1. How did they get such a high score? Must be tons of fake reviews. I used to refer friends and family, but no more. I cannot wait to switch when my term is up.

Update: the new version works very well and stays connected. I'm very happy with it now. Love the service - it is fast and easy to use (I have the Pro subscription). The desktop app works very well but the Android app lacks some functionality and has some connection problems. The Android app frequently disconnects and there is a notification that it is waiting for a usable internet connection even when there is one and I have to repeatedly reconnect manually. Not very stable. The app hasn't been upgraded for almost a year now. Hopefully the app will be upgraded soon.

Gone downhill. This app used to be great. I used to use the free versions and loved it so much that I eventually subscribed the incredibly affordable premium version where you create your own plan for only $2 a month. The speed was great and used to stay connected pretty consistently until the past month or so. Now it constantly disconnects and slows down to unusable speed. Videos buffer, pages don't load. It's awful and sad. I've reached out to the devs but it's still an issue.

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