Wild Sky: Tower Defense TD is an action-packed mobile game that will keep you hooked for hours. Set in a fantasy world, you must defend your kingdom against waves of enemies using strategically placed towers. Upgrade your towers to unleash powerful abilities and summon legendary heroes to aid you in battle. With over 50 challenging levels and stunning graphics, Wild Sky brings an immersive experience to your fingertips. Can you conquer the wild skies and defend your kingdom from the relentless invaders? Play Wild Sky: Tower Defense TD now and find out!

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I'd like to rate higher bc it's fun, but I've encountered several bugs so far. It won't let me access the market menu, nor will touching certain buttons take me to the corresponding menu. I am also at a point where I'm now unable to select all three heros or all 4 towers. Not sure if this part is something I'm misunderstanding or just another bug. If it's not a bug, then the lack of explanation is frustrating.

This game has so much potential. I believe you can succeed with about $10 per event/month. Still fun free to play. It is a bit unfinished. Can't wait for them to complete the campaign component, fix some UI oddities and improve the in game documentation. I hope this game sticks around without pushing more micro transactions. Seems a good balance right now.

Almost a great game. But the touch controls are poorly implemented and not being able to actually select the tower or unit you actually want to upgrade gets you killed. Here's a hint: in the heat of battle, people want to upgrade towers. Not inadvertently move a useless hero around while frantically attempting to upgrade towers. So close. But the poor controls ruin this. Edit: deleted this one. Tired of dying because I can't upgrade the towers because the clumsy heroes are in the way. I

It's a pretty okay tower defense, but the biggest thing holding it back is the fact that you're obscenely limited in how many towers you can get. You start with only 4 and every two weeks it seems there's an event that allows you to a new tower that released. But all the other 30+ old towers are unable to be obtained unless they have it in a weekly chest that you can gamble for a chance to get it. This game would be so much better if it was easier to get older towers.

This is a great tower defense game. Gameplay is fun and the graphics are great. The heroes, towers and spells are well done and addictive to unlock and upgrade. However, it can be very expensive. You really have no choice but to buy a $10 gold pass every event if you want to unlock cards. Gems and other in-game purchases are very expensive also. It takes a while to get and upgrade cards and you must be in an active guild and buy the gold pass for events to get a real chance to unlock many cards. That said, it is a great and addictive game. Also, their devs are super responsive, if perhaps a bit greedy.

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Build towers to defend the kingdom from a rush of creeps in this tower defense. The Flow of Time
Come along on a time traveling adventure while collecting all the fuel needed to get back home before you're stuck in the past forever!

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