Whiteout conditions can be extremely hazardous and can pose a threat to your safety if you’re not prepared. Here are a few survival tips to help you navigate through a whiteout. First, stay calm and try to find a landmark or a familiar object for reference. Second, use a compass or GPS to maintain your direction. Third, limit your movements to avoid getting disoriented and losing your way. Lastly, always pack a survival kit with essential items such as extra clothing, food, water, and a flashlight. Stay safe out there!

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- 50 wood, 10 iron ore, 100 gold coins, 5 gems, 2 diamonds, 1 ruby, and a rare enchanted sword.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $200, 5 diamonds, 200 resources, epic equipment, and rare items.

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Wo5yr1Dh301September 21, 2023
Pc9wOJRZQu245October 27, 2023
IBlq6kJth718November 16, 2023
72GBObxyI4m722November 8, 2023
0nNl8dPIXi126October 20, 2023

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Whiteout Survival Tier List

you get to build and upgrade. and while I am playing everyday for more than a week now. I do feel like I'm just opening and app and tapping stuff. their eventually gets to be quite a few things that you are keeping up on but again, you are just tapping the screen. you don't really choose what or how to upgrade. it's a game of collect stuff (idle) upgrade everything, put the app away, repeat.

Overall not a bad game. The ads are not accurate at all to real gameplay, obviously (most of these games have false advertising). It's like many other games, pay to win, wait 15 minutes or more to finish upgrades, make sure things are prepared for a large danger event. I kinda like it, and it has the fallout shelter "mood" system to keep your citizens happy. Overall, it's worth it if you don't mind waiting.

Great game until you hit furnace level 10. At that point your troops are greatly outgunned and you can be attacked as many times someone wants. One right after another. By someone levels above you. I can see getting attacked once and then you get a shield so all of your supplies don't get reduced to nothing, but that is not the case. This makes it nigh impossible to continue upgrading. That is absolutely trash.

Fun game, genuinely fun game, but it's not at all like the AD's... I don't understand why companies do this. Edit: the company responded to me, while it's true the ads only show a portion of that game it doesn't take away from the fact that the ads show gameplay and mechanics that do NOT exist in the actual game AT ALL. Your not going to be controlling a guy, running through snow collecting and bringing back supplies, it's a town sim, you'll spend 90% of your time tapping at menus to upgrade.

This is a repetitive game with zero strategy what so ever. It has some potential but misses the mark on so many levels. Graphics are well done, and you can easily get lost thinking at what point does it take off and become interesting. The reality is this is a game for 8-12 year olds or those who like a game with no challenge.

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Idle, strategy, survival—experience all three upon the frozen wastes! [New Content]
1. New Event: Harvest Moon event
2. New Epic Heroes: Jasser the Scholar, Walis Bokan the Warrior, Seo-yoon the Drummer

[Optimization and Adjustments]
1. Hero Hall Epic Recruitment notification will be turned off after reaching max star-rating with Molly, preserving the notification for free Recruitment.
2. Supreme president may now grant state buffs to the defeated state of the State of Power event.
3. Optimized the hero interface, now displaying stats at max level.

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