“What in Hell is Bad?”
Hell is often associated with negativity and suffering, but what exactly makes something “bad” in Hell? From the perspective of various religious beliefs, badness in Hell may be defined by the violation of moral codes or the perpetration of evil acts. In literature and popular culture, badness in Hell is often depicted as punishment for wrongdoing or as a place of eternal torment for the wicked. Overall, the concept of badness in Hell is a complex and subjective topic, with interpretations varying across different cultural and religious contexts.

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- 1. 50 coins, 2 diamonds, 100 energy 2. 20 rubies, 75 coins, 150 energy 3. 30 diamonds, 100 energy, 50 rubies

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What in Hell is Bad?

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AQOLDRYCMarch 12, 2024
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0NXYRMAVBIWApril 13, 2024
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8FDKLZPB2CMarch 3, 2024
8T62ZE5KIFebruary 27, 2024

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What in Hell is Bad? Review

This is .. my absolute favorite game of all time, the artwork is amazing and everytime a new update comes, the one friend that show it to me, we both start freaking out n having a ton of fun, sure its a little difficult to know know what they say at times thro the voice, but the text is easy to understand. It honestly so good n I recommend it to almost everyone, kinda under 12. Stay away. 😂

I really really REALLY want this game to be better soon, I really do. At the moment, this game is just good. I really do love the art in this game, as it looks scrumptious. The voices, the interactions...it's all delicious. However... The translation errors (especially the fact that it changes from male to female pronouns a lot), clunkiness, game tends to freeze sometimes, low gacha rates, etc. are terrible. I really hope this game gets more ironed out and fixed soon. PS: PC PORT PLS!

I love the game, especially the story and battles. My problem comes from the Portal of Holy Coins. At first, I could do the Cherubim battles just fine until I got to Stage 4 of the Nightmare Pass. Once I got there, every time I do a battle in that portal to complete a pass requirement, once I win, it shows me a "No Table Data." page and restart the app, not counting the battle, hence I cannot continue passed Stage 4. I even tried to reinstall the game without it fixing that issue. Thank you.

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