Western Sniper: Wild West FPS is an immersive and action-packed video game set in the rugged landscapes of the Wild West. As a skilled sniper, players are tasked with eliminating outlaws, bandits, and other enemies from long distances. With realistic animations and stunning visuals, this game brings the Old West to life, allowing players to experience the thrill and danger of being a sharpshooting cowboy. With a variety of challenging missions and a wide range of sniper rifles to choose from, Western Sniper offers an exciting gaming experience for fans of first-person shooters and Western themes.

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CBwj29UD634November 24, 2023
8TAhUQty7f659January 4, 2024
8BsbxrP1o860January 11, 2024
S4TqGVl2ABs292January 18, 2024
thNJpczsUd895December 30, 2023

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Western Sniper: Wild West FPS Tier List

The game would be fun but there are Ads after every level. The Ads are longer than the game themselves. After a while you loose interest in the game because of the the continuous Ads. Find a better balanced with the Ads and it could be a really fun game to play. There is a way to balance the Ads with the game. But after reading previous review this has been a problem for a long while with promise to fix it. So apparently it will never be fix.

The game is a lot of fun, when they let you play it. However, this app forces you to watch at least one ad after every level. It acts as though you have a choice to opt out of watching an ad for a lesser prize, but it still loads an ad. Too many ads. I love making "headshots" and seeing their hats fly way up high in the sky, though! 🤠 But the ads are too time consuming. Uninstall.

If you like a game that's so easy, that's its impossible to lose, and each level only takes about 10 seconds, with 30 seconds of ads, atleast, between EVERY level. With the option to watch more ads for useless power ups. This is the game for you! :Edit: to reply to your response, a 1 star rating is a general indication that I in fact did NOT like your game. In general. It was ok for the 1st few levels, until I spent 80% of the time spent playing was spent watching ads

Ad machine. Levels take 5 seconds. Then you are offered a 30 second ad to multiply your level completion award. If you choose not to see that as you are given a short one instead. Every level. Every 5 seconds, you see an ad. It's cute. But it's not original, the graphics are not beautiful, the game play is not phenomenal, so why do the devs think this game is worth more than the best games out there?

Great shoot em up game, but rewards and ability upgrading might have a glitch. When I accomplish a task, and a free reward, such as a skin, or better gun, are not able to be gotten. It only gives me the reject option, then it disappears. Also when a round is finished, and rewards are handed out, there are a couple of countdowns that are covering some of the options. Very annoying. Fix the glitch, and I'll upgrade my rating. Also, have a shop that you can buy items. Would really help.

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Cowboy shooter. Take guns and fight for justice! Shoot & stop all wanted bandits - Minor bug fixes

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