The waterdrop® Hydration App is a revolutionary tool designed to track and improve your hydration levels. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily set and track your daily water intake goals. The app sends you reminders to drink water throughout the day, ensuring that you stay hydrated and energized. It also offers personalized tips and insights to keep you motivated. By using the waterdrop® Hydration App, you can take control of your health and well-being, one sip at a time. Stay hydrated and feel your best with waterdrop®.

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I like the app but there's one thing that would truly make it helpful - having a unique notification or being able to customize the notification. Without a unique notification, it blends in with my other notifications and I'm missing the reminders. If I'm not already looking at my phone, I don't realize it's reminding me to drink my water. Please add a unique tone or let us customize it. I like the other features, so don't WANT to find another app but I will need to for the unique sound.

Genuinely helpful for tracking hydration! -- I'm impressed. This app is clearly designed as a marketing tool, but the advertising is unobtrusive, it's easy to use, intuitively designed & genuinely helpful. -- Favourite bits: You can set up a list of favourite drinks & quantities. Monthly report is great, optional reminders are well timed & useful. -- Only thing I'd improve is being able to dig into daily data in the graphs section, rather than limited to weeks & months. Otherwise, I love it!

So useful and worth getting. I used my reward points to purchase the Lucy Cap. I have my phone on my desk and the reminders to drink really make a difference. I am drinking more and eating less, possibly because I feel full. Being able to add other drinks is very handy too. It's persistent but not pushy, which is what I like.

Was about to rate the refreshed app lower, as to add a drink on a previous day, you had to change the date. It's now been fixed. Don't mind most of new look, but having to choose a drop via a category isn't as user friendly as the previous layout. Liked being able to see everything (am a visual person). Now it's all hidden away under subcategories. Makes it so much slower to find what I want. Is also not possible to see progress on Badges, unless you click on them. Old layout was better.

I am trying to get on the water app. It won't let me reset my password. Tells me to contact support. This I have done by email and on the site and haven't had a single reply. So I am unable to use the app. Please can someone point me into the right direction. (I have tried to reset password on your website and it won't let me as says contact support) ALL SORTED AND SO QUICKLY. AMAZING STAFF. THANK YOU 😊

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Find out how much water you should drink a day & reach your daily targets. In this version, we've made tracking easier than ever! You can now create favorite drinks and custom drink sizes for each drink type. Additionally, we added a couple of new drink types for you. Improvements and bug fixes have also been made to give you the best app experience.

Drink More Water, make it count.

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