Warplanes Inc is a leading provider of WW2 planes and war memorabilia. Specializing in the history and restoration of warplanes, we offer an extensive collection of authentic aircraft from World War II. From the powerful B-17 Flying Fortress to the agile P-51 Mustang, our warplanes evoke a sense of nostalgia and admiration. Whether you’re a collector, historian, or enthusiast, our inventory will take you back to a pivotal era in time. Explore the world of warplanes with Warplanes Inc and relive the excitement and courage of the past.

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Honestly a very simple but interesting and unique game. Great way to pass the time, a little repetitive, and the ads can be annoying sometimes, but it's not pay to win or pay to play and it doesn't shove them in your face constantly. I love it, it's an overall great game with a couple preference problems, but still amazing. Well worth the download👍🔥

The best storyline I've ever experienced. I honestly didn't expect to find it from a game about dropping bombs and shooting the enemy forces on the ground. The twist left me speechless. The fact that the storyline is made to slowly give you hints, making you slowly but surely realize it, makes this a masterful work of art. I wasn't ready. I was never meant to be ready. The basis of "You're just following orders" puts you into the perspective of who you were really fighting for the whole time.

This game is amazing and fun to play, however I paid the $14 for the special pack. It worked at first but after I disabled the plane and nukes for the campaign because it felt like cheating, I was unable to turn them back on and it started playing ads again. And I can't even play the air fight or air defence modes. It's as if I never bought it, yet it still charged me. DO NOT PAY FOR THIS GAME

Honestly a very good game. I was looking for plane games to play and this one, while not 3D or anything, is very fun. It's tough, but designed so that as you do and attack more, you can upgrade and progress. Most games try to do this, but this game does it well with it's difficulty. The artstyle is nice, and has limited ads too. A really good game. My one complaint is how you aim. it's a little hard to see, but once you learn it's fine.

So for starters this game is an amazing time killer, very fun mechanics and to top it off an interesting story that keeps you somewhat intrigued, these are things a lot of mobile games that ive played really struggle with. As for why this is a 4 star review, Id love to give a five star but there are a few things that kill it. The ads aren't too horrible but micro transactions seem to be the only way you can get any of the "fun" items or cool planes, as for planes there isn't much diversity.

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