Wark & ​​Wimble is an exciting puzzle game in which you have to protect charming dragons from insidious invaders. One day, the heroes’ home was attacked by mysterious robots. They wiped out the entire dinosaur population and took their eggs. Only Wimble and Work survived. To save their species from extinction, they need to save the stolen eggs. Go to labyrinths full of dangers, enemies and deadly traps. Solve interesting puzzles, move blocks, avoid robots armed with lasers and don’t fall into traps. Rescue eggs, hatch babies and help them escape. You are waiting for several unique worlds with their own obstacles, a lot of logic puzzles and funny characters.

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U02Q4mtlYCr November 12, 2022 736
5tABgQ2RZcbP December 6, 2022 809
jytxqXuN3v December 14, 2022 992
ayeRwkbdh4z November 26, 2022 588
N2MCP9Y0vn4 December 13, 2022 577

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I'm following this game since early pre-beta and I'm happy it got finally released. While it has multiple level types (with different objectives to reach), the best way to describe gameplay is still "sokoban with a twist". And the twist is real, every world has its own mechanics, so you don't get bored solving the same puzzles again and again. Besides this, it has charming graphics, a catching music theme, and a rather smooth difficulty curve.

It's really a great puzzle game. The basic mechanics are inspired by Sokoban games. Puzzles are cool and well designed, the difficulty of each level is perfectly balanced, It's challenging enough but not too much so it doesn't get frustrating. The art is amazing and it runs very smoothly on my phone. Great game!

Really nice and relaxing game. You play as a creature of unspecified origins trying to nurish your young by collecting food and pushing eggs to the hatching locations. There also some friends to rescue and evil robots to avoid (mostly by blocking them with solid objects). The game itself gives a nostalgic feeling and takes you back in time when games were cool and didn't try to milk the players.

Not really in to the controls, a bit too much flicking for my liking. But it's a great game.puzzles are interesting and there's a lot of character to it and the ads are bearable, Recommended, Edit yes it does, thanks for pointing that out,.

Beatifully crafted puzzle game. Really thoughtful little touches, like not having to start again when you die, being able to undo moves. The creatures are cute and the puzzles can be quite devious. Recommend.

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Puzzles changed: 3-B, 6-1, 6-2, 9-1, 9-4, 9-B

Bug fixes

New music

Name Wark & Wimble
Version 6.0.0
Price FREE
Rating 5.0 (67 ratings)
Category Codes
Update October 23, 2022
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