War Troops 1917: Trench Warfare takes players back to the brutal battlefields of World War I. Set in the year 1917, players must navigate the treacherous trenches while engaging in intense warfare. This strategy game requires players to strategically deploy troops, command armies, and utilize defensive structures to defend against enemy attacks. With realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, War Troops 1917: Trench Warfare provides an authentic experience of the challenges faced by soldiers during this historic time. Can you lead your troops to victory and survive the horrors of trench warfare?

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War Troops 1917:Trench Warfare Tier List

Okay game, but they force ads on you after every match. The enemy progresses significantly faster than you so if you want to upgrade your units to keep up with them, you have to watch ad after ad, after ad, after ad just to get coins. Either that or pay money. Fun concept (although copied from a browser flash game), but I'd rather play the actual flash game (Warfare 1917) for free and with no ads.

Basic ripoff of warfare 1917, which was a great game. Except this one is worse, because after unlocking a unit by beating the enemy, you still have to buy them before you can use them. And your rewards for each match are minimal. Oh, and after every single win, you're rewarded with a full screen unskippable ad. At this point I just close the app and reopen it whenever there's an ad because they're just so intrusive. I get games take work to make. But this isn't even an original idea.

Fun game. Kinda gets boring after a while. There are a variety of troops and vehicles so that gives it a boost. But it does take a while to get them. You can get the custom mode which I think is REALLY FUN but you only get it at level 20. But alot of people are talking about the ads. Its a mobile game what do you expect. Besides you only get ads after you finish the level and before it. Plus there all skip able. But reccomend downloading if you like strategy and war kind of games.

A great, simple strategy game to kill time. It reminds me alot of warfare 1917 computer game, it can be a different experience depending on what play style you use. However there are some flaws that hold back the game such as the tutorial not really being descriptive and although the gameplay and troops are simple it can be a bit confusing for a bit, that and waiting for more of the levels to open up is unnecessary and doesn't really need to be there, and I do feel more can be added to the game

If you are familiar with the flash game warfare 1917 or 1944, this will seem extremely familiar, even using some of the same sound effects, but it is low effort recreation. Game play is abysmal, longest round I have ever had was about a minute or two, then a 30 second add after every round. They had a major opportunity to either increase difficulty or add multi-player. The game itself has potential, but major updates or features need to be added!

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Capture the enemy trenches in this 1917 WW1 pixel warfare military strategy game

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