In the epic game of War Tower: Defend or Die, players are thrust into a world of strategic warfare. As the commander of a mighty tower, your mission is clear – protect your kingdom at all costs! Build a formidable defense, strategically placing archers, catapults, and wizards to ward off the enemy onslaught. Upgrade your weapons and armor, gather resources, and unleash devastating spells to ensure victory. The fate of your kingdom rests in your hands. Will you rise to the challenge or succumb to the relentless onslaught? Play War Tower now and prove your worth!

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NmyOfwLz872January 17, 2024
XnUobAWOEd411November 21, 2023
RTbWrN4yh930December 2, 2023
ZA9sKjXJB2h932December 14, 2023
ifVbhQYHyq533November 21, 2023

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War Tower : Defend or Die Tier List

I love the mechanics and it has a lot of potential. It needs a longer campaign and possibly user levels.

Try to play the game but cannot this game sucks because I just wants me to a black screen and then doesn't do anything

I Didn't Like Seige Game But I Didn't Know You Had War Tower!! So Now I Love This Instead.

The game is broken the tower won't attack the orc

This hame ia so good it remind me of a game in roblox called tower defense 2

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Defend the castle from evil orcs using towers and traps! Updated to Android API 33

Newly Updated Code: