“War Hex: Army Men & Tactics” is a compelling strategy game that transports players into the heart of intense battlefield action. Assemble your army, plan your maneuvers, and unleash devastating tactics to outsmart your opponents. With extensive customization options for your soldiers and advanced weaponry, every choice you make will impact the outcome of the battle. Take on challenging missions and engage in multiplayer combat, where your leadership skills and tactical prowess will be put to the test. Are you ready to lead your troops to victory in the ultimate war simulation? Grab your gear and join the battlefield in “War Hex: Army Men & Tactics.”

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- +50 soldiers, +20 tanks, +10 airstrikes - strengthen your army!

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- Sure! Here's a short reward for the game: War Hex: Army men & tactics:"Victory bag: 100 coins, 50 energy, 2 rare items"

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War Hex: Army men & tactics

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CODEExpiration Date
GK031LQWMarch 4, 2024
ANO7JUX4IVFebruary 27, 2024
EXI9V57M2February 24, 2024
R63TJ0QEHW4April 12, 2024
VJPX5GE1QKFebruary 27, 2024
K3W5SV6TMarch 27, 2024
49MOUICJT2April 9, 2024
9KQ3I8L4WFebruary 19, 2024

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War Hex: Army men & tactics Review

The game is good, the story is intriguing. The ONLY PROBLEM I have with this game is that THE CHEST YOU COLLECT throughout the gameplay is that the TIME TO UNLOCK IT IS PROGRESSING TO A MUCH LONGER TIME EVEN THOUGH IT GIVES THE SAME AMOUNT OF REWARDS. They should fix this if it is a bug or just remove it if it is intentional, I don't want them to lose many players because of this.

Great little game i know it gonna be a grind game but i like these type of game so far not 2 easy but not 2 hard at the moment the only thing i dont like is the chest take a while no adverts yet either oh don't get alot of energy to hope that gos or gos up to like 100 or 50 but so far a good game liking it.

A game with depletable energy and wait times to open rewards! If I have to wait to open rewards and for energy to refill just to play, then I'm going to play a different game. One that wants me to play and not spend my time waiting. *Deleted*

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