Walk Master is an addictive mobile game that will test your balance and coordination. In this game, you control a wobbly character who must navigate through various obstacle courses on stilts. With each level, the challenge increases as you encounter moving platforms, swinging hammers, slippery slopes, and other tricky obstacles. The simple yet intuitive controls make it easy to pick up and play, but be warned, it’s not as easy as it looks! Can you become a Walk Master and conquer all the levels?

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Very fun game! A good game to play while having something like a video playing in the background. I am currently on level 1975 (yes, i know, lol) and haven't gotten bored yet. A few suggestions is to add more levels so that the same levels don't keep repeating. And maybe an endless mode where you're running from something and have to run over obstacles, if you get caught by whatever you're running from or fail to an obstacle then you have to restart. But yeah, pretty fun game. Good job!

I love this game so much I bought the no ads, and I'm currently on trail/level 568. My only complaint is that I've completed all the classic challenges and daily challenges, and it's beginning to feel like the levels are repeating and not any more challenging than the last. I'm getting bored but don't want all my hard work going down the drain I wish there was a second game or more challenging levels. I've been hyper fixated on this for the past two months and play when I'm stressed lmao 😂

It's a really fun game! However, after a certain number of levels there stops being anything new. It's the same familiar obstacles over and over in what seems to be a randomized order. Still fun, I've played over 1000 levels, but it gets a bit repetitive. Far more annoying are the many, many ads. There are definitely less than most other mobile games ive seen recently, but it's SUPER annoying if you're having trouble on an obstacle. Ad every few falls :(

Great game, but there's one thing I would like to see, that I feel would better the gaming experience. Some obstacles like the chainsaw and moving platforms, would feel more fair if they reset to a default position when the player resets as well, that way it doesn't get so desynced it feels far too luck based waiting for the window of opportunity when the obstacle becomes passable. It does also have quite a few ads, but the game is worth it. Later levels require precise control to succeed.

Honestly this game is very good. It's simple yet fun gameplay is always entertaining. As a game developer myself, I think this game has a lot to offer but also to improve on. Firstly, after you beat level 100 all the levels start to repeat a little. I'm at level 403 and so far there hasn't been anything to new and challenging apart from some shooting obstacles. Also their are a few bugs like my character when trying to jump over something gets stuck in the ground. Good game overall 👍

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