Vroom is revolutionizing the way people buy used cars. With Vroom, you can shop for high-quality used vehicles online and have them delivered directly to your door. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional car buying and the need to visit multiple dealerships. Vroom offers a wide selection of makes and models, along with transparent pricing and financing options to suit your needs. Their expert team ensures that every vehicle meets their high-quality standards. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with Vroom’s seamless car buying and delivery process.

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Vroom: Used Cars Delivered

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Vroom: Used Cars Delivered Reviews

Good app but I have constant and consistent trouble with some key features. When I search a vehicle in the search bar (ex. "Kia soul") it will not search that vehicle but instead display all vehicles/brands, and will not show specific vehicle models no matter how many times I try. Another thing is when I save/favorite vehicles and then go over to my favorites list, nothing is there, causing me to waste time browsing.

Took too long for the full process. Good price on trade in, but due to hassle... so much hassle. Got car, was not as expected. Then refusal and return process... at this point, I would not recommend them. However, the car details may have not been checked by Vroom. It appeared as if someone wrecked the car and instead of turning it in on Carfax, they tried to fix themselves.... tape was left on from painting, as well as the paint wasn't a complete match. Too many things wrong to keep.

The wrong model of the car was brought to me. I ordered a performance model tesla, but a long range model arrived instead. They do not have the inventory to swap for the correct car and also will not hold the correct vehicle for me once it becomes available to fix the problem. Also the app isnt intuitive enough to differentiate the different models of tesla. Being standard, mid, long range, and performance models.

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