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VPN Proxy Master Coupon reviews

***Updated Not sure how hard or easy it would be, but maybe let the user have a few minutes to use the app and get a feel for it before asking for a rating. I was asked 3 times within the first 90 seconds of opening it. Which sort of obstructed me being able to look through it, let alone use it, especially since you have to click the X to get out of it about 15 times. I prefer to give an accurate,honest rating, and I can't do that with the rating pop up every 30 seconds. I'll change my review up a bit when I finally get to look through and use it. I do appreciate what you guys are doing though, so thank you! ***Updated Unfortunately the app impaired the basic features of my phone. I couldn't send or receive texts, couldn't connect to other apps that dont require wifi or data. This could very well be an issue on my end with the particular phone I'm using, , but unfortunately, either way I still didn't have full use of my phone. Aside from that, the app does everything that it says it will and does it fairly quickly. If you can get passed and have the patience to click out of ads for an abnormally long time, then the app does deliver on all it's promises. Thank you again for doing what you do and for your advocacy of everyone having the basic right to privacy!!!

Probably the best free VPN service out there. It is free, so there are some downsides to the lack of available servers, but it's free, and the servers that are given for free are fast enough and most reliable, so the premium is only a bonus. I've tested it on multiple different software's to try to pull data from my phone and laptop, but the VPN has so far protected everything I've thrown at it.

while it did give me access to sites i otherwise would not be able to access, the connection was so slow i had to buy the pro version. The pro version also turned out to be extremely slow and i struggled to get a vpn to connect. There is no way to cancel the purchase through the app. I've sent in an email, but this is very inconvenient. i no longer want or need this but i can't find a way to stop being charged for it.

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