Vlad and Niki Superheroes is an exciting and action-packed game that follows the adventures of Vlad and Niki, popular YouTube stars turned superheroes. Join them as they take on epic challenges and fight against evil forces to save their city. With their unique superpowers, Vlad and Niki will face thrilling missions and overcome obstacles with the help of their loyal fans. With stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, this game is perfect for kids and fans of Vlad and Niki alike. Embark on an incredible superhero journey in Vlad and Niki Superheroes.

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hZ8a4WO9988December 25, 2023
Fy6f8oTr2P201January 9, 2024
njLA5d07X262January 4, 2024
pguM8xzBY24476January 13, 2024
HXdDmZ4z3W178January 7, 2024

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Vlad and Niki Superheroes Tier List

9 levels out them 5 are for vip users. Anyway, after you install all you can do is select card, and boom restart again, nothing more. At least if you can see a video of superheroes fight but no there's nothing special in this game. Uninstalled!

My little cousin loves the game but, there are too many ads and almost every other click is asking if you want to purchase deluxe and if a 3 year old is playing they might spend all the money of the person letting them play.

The amount of ads is ridiculous. Would've been a good game to keep my son busy but every 2min he runs to me to put the ad off. Defeats the purpose of it all.

I need full version of the game very cute game I love this game

yay Apologies, my son entered this review, he is 5 and doesn't quite understand but wanted to say he loved it!

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Superheroes Vlad and Niki fight monsters and villains to save civilians This update includes system improvement and bug fixing.
The game is adapted to the individual needs of every child and provides educational purposes.
If you come up with ideas for improvement of our games or you want to share your opinion on them, feel free to contact us
[email protected]

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