VILD MAD, a Danish term meaning “wild food,” refers to the movement of foraging for wild edible plants and reconnecting with nature. This movement encourages people to explore the natural environment, learn about local flora and their culinary uses, and gain a deeper appreciation for the biodiversity around them. VILD MAD emphasizes sustainability, seasonal eating, and the importance of preserving traditional knowledge of wild foods. By participating in VILD MAD activities, individuals can develop a deeper connection to the land, foster a sense of stewardship for the environment, and promote a healthier, more sustainable approach to eating.

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Q187WUSBMarch 15, 2024
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UAT7DXQB32March 31, 2024
5JAERZNPLMarch 30, 2024

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VILD MAD Reviews

*Edit (I got an email shortly after leaving the previous review, they kindly asked for details, and soon after all of the issues I was having were repaired. Thank You to Laura and to everyone else) *Adore this app, I've used it before but I am no longer able to log in. Logging in either results in a Network error or nothing at all. Please continue to improve, I would love to keep using this app. Much love to everyone who made it, I will update this review as soon as something changes.

Great app for learning! A bit slow in the field, but useable when patient. It would be even better if you could integrate a 'Seek' style of real-time plant identification. The seasons function is very helpful!

Okay, I love this app in general, but right now it keeps crashing before it even loads the first page.. not sure if someone's working on it or not, but yeah.. would be nice if I could use it again :)

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