Viking Wars is a thrilling RPG with strategy elements in which you take on the role of the heir to the Viking throne, driven out of the kingdom by his brother who has seized power. Do not give up and gather people around you who are loyal to you. Become a true leader and reclaim your throne. Capture enemy territories and get gold. Explore dungeons and defeat bosses to collect treasures and powerful artifacts. Hire new warriors and improve their fighting skills. Meet the locals in cities and find allies who are ready to share your adventures with you.

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m3lP6uA0Gbz January 20, 2023 665
c4Y7DptHRaXz December 29, 2022 480
VGIgdxNMOL December 20, 2022 347
ZawDJN6Qyr3 December 21, 2022 542
E1YzQKTkthf December 15, 2022 795

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The only reason I give it 4 stars is because the game crashes in combat sometimes. Other than that it is a good game. Although I wish you could upgrade the tavern so you can get more troops and overwhelm your opponent. Also you can't pause the game and come back to it later you'll have to restart your battle

Ok just finished the first mission thing, and keeping in mind that it was developed by 1 person or a small group, its a commendable effort. A downside of the game is its RAM requirements, you need to have no apps open in the background for it to run, which kinda sucks tbh, so idk if that can be changed but if it could, the game would become way better imo, best of luck ^-^

The game is amazing! But needs some genuine improvements! Which are compulsory! 1) The shield is literally useless with least blockade quality, is slow and needs to be tapped again and again, its simply useless. 2)Secondly I think u should add more continous storyline with quests and animations, dialogues which creates addiction juz like the beggining of the game as it happens but later on the player needs to do everything on is own which is kinda boring. Anyways the game is good overall!

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Name Viking Wars
Version 7.7
Price FREE
Rating 4.2 (6831 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 2, 2022
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