Pixel Grand Battle 3D is an action-packed, multiplayer shooting game that will keep you hooked for hours. Choose from a variety of pixelated characters and engage in thrilling battles on different maps. Unlock powerful weapons and use strategic tactics to defeat your opponents. With its vibrant graphics and smooth gameplay, Pixel Grand Battle 3D offers an immersive gaming experience. Join the battle and show off your shooting skills in this pixelated world. Download the game now and become the ultimate champion in Pixel Grand Battle 3D!

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rKA8zMvC952December 19, 2023
hZFXYAtybV979January 5, 2024
OIifb6hjz776December 13, 2023
rPDaYBp0bS3464November 26, 2023
SwNmh3iKdy495December 8, 2023

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A perfect pubg for Android 2gb ram users I will rate it 4 because of some problems There is few lag and glitches so pls fix it the best game for Android users thanks for making this

This game is Best I have a problem this game don't have any battle ground match like full map please add battle ground

This game is my favourite game of all time,I play the game with my friends a lot too but the game has two little problems one is lvl 1 to lvl 10 you can get only 19 kills and lvl 11 to 15 u can get 49 kills and second problem is matchmaking is too slow or if you are low level you have a matchmaking of level 12-15 level match and also upcoming updates are coming too slowly and one more problem is that while fighting it's hard to sprint and switch guns so please fix the problems,Thank you!!!

It's a great game! A few issues are that when you start a game you have to wait awhile for a server that may or may not even be up and running. We should be able to create our own servers or at least see how many are running. Also the chests. We should be able to watch videos to speed up the timer or even just get rid of some because I end up just getting the common chests and have no way of getting rid of them other than waiting or spending gems. Otherwise great game honestly a lot of fun!!!!!!

Only SMG,Shotguns,MG,rifle,sniper,pistol available the game and auto running add the game

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Enjoy to pixel battleground! - new game move ASSAULT
- 3 new maps (2 for TDM and ASSAULT, 1 for DM)
- returned old game balance
- bugs fix

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