Velocity Rush is a fast-paced first-person arcade action game. Test yourself in the role of a reckless parkour, boldly storming all sorts of obstacles. You are not afraid of any obstacles – boldly jump on the platforms, performing breathtakingly dangerous stunts. Learn new techniques and movements, correctly calculate the distance and power of the jump, and use shields in critical cases. At the same time, fight with opponents who will try to stop you. You are waiting for more than a few dozen exciting levels with increasing difficulty and the ability to edit them.

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Codes Expiration Date Total
lPm4IpDMvGZ December 27, 2022 254
cXhG7AuVUk5e December 31, 2022 646
XJl2Y9vRVh January 16, 2023 584
DYbC1oOj0w6 December 4, 2022 491
8O7LUDQa3Ww January 16, 2023 367

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It is pretty freaking awesome and I wish the devs had more than just 2 games. Velocity Rush is job well done. Just 2 things. 1. I wish there was an additional button to pull up the gadget wheel instead of hold on the gadget that you have equipped. This is because sometimes it uses the gadget when I don't want to. 2. For some reason my character just automatically jumps off of the wall when trying to wall run. And it's only on level 20/ the last level called rush. Please fix this if you can.

Has a clear and cool concept, despite me not being used to these types of games. Instructions were clear, although controls were a little challenging to get the hang of due to lack of experience. Overall, felt a great sense of accomplishment when successfully cleared stages, had a good time playing.

It's a really good parkour game. I love the graphics. The movement may be hard to master, but practice always makes your performance in a perfection way. Though I could give some ideas in order to make the game famous. 1) Customizable Character 2) New Enemies 3) More Levels 4) Story Mode (If Possible.) 5) Multiplayer Mode 6) More Parkour Styles 7) Changeable Background/Platforms and Blocks 8) Weapons for your Character (It's a bit weird for a parkour game, but it's an idea.)

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Added 5 new levels

Name Velocity Rush – Parkour Action
Version 2.4
Price FREE
Rating 4.3 (1645 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 4, 2022
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