Rivengard is an epic strategy game that takes you on a journey through a fantastical realm. Clash with legendary heroes as you battle against other players in tactical turn-based combat. Build your army and choose from a wide variety of unique units, each with their own special abilities. Collect powerful artifacts to strengthen your team and dominate the battlefield. Engage in intense PvP battles or embark on a solo adventure in the campaign mode. Join Rivengard and become a legend in this immersive and visually stunning game.

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Best overall so far. Edges but helps with learning curve for a Newbie. Thank you for your patience and consideration. Which you have, same as others I am sure. I've learned that you can maneuver players around which is helpful to guard your strongest player. I see how the players work, but gimme a little more time since I. A newbie. I hope to keep playing this game a while longer. It is really quite enjoyable once you get the hang of it, or the purpose I think. All of the players are interesting

The game is fun, requires tactical thinking, and there isn't an auto do all button. There's a wide variety of champions that all feel different. The prices are outrageous, and the champion progression becomes a megagrind. It's fun to play, but before I spend money, their prices need to become more reasonable.

Love the gameplay, but it fails for the same old reason. I've been playing for almost a year. It's clearly impossible to upgrade characters past a certain level without paying. The reward system doesn't even pretend to be unbiased. Items that drop consistently suddenly take 3 weeks to drop just when you need it. Or you'll get hundreds of laurels but no emblems, so you still can't upgrade. One day someone will make a mobile game that is fun until the end. This is not that game.

I've enjoyed this game so far. It has all the elements that I like - turn based strategic combat, cartoon-like art, fantasy. Few things that would help make it better - making the levels harder. They're very easy to do right now. - the game crashes every now and then where the screen goes green and I can't do anything. - real time battles where I'm actually battling a player instead of their teams being played by a bot

Decent game, I've been playing for a long time, but it has a freezing problem. The other day I was using 10 tokens (earned from several hours of playing) to purchase upgrades. Game froze right in the middle of it. Lost all of the tokens and got none of the upgrades. I reported the issue to the developer through the app, but they haven't followed through. Very disappointing.

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Build a collection of heroes to fight epic bosses on the battlefield with magic! New Guild Boss Classes - Now battle Rogue and Mage Guild Bosses!
Two returning Festivals - The Walled Kingdom's Mivera and Sacred Grove's Nixie!
Competitive battles in the Tournament Arena continue
New Onslaught tiers

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