In the captivating mystery novel, “Vacuum Hero: Mafia Murder,” readers are thrust into a thrilling world of crime and suspense. As detective Jake Mitchell investigates the murder of a prominent Mafia member, he uncovers a complex web of secrets and deceit. With the clock ticking, Jake must navigate the dangerous underworld, risking everything to unravel the truth. Packed with action and unexpected twists, “Vacuum Hero: Mafia Murder” will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the last page, craving for more.

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Vacuum Hero: Mafia Murder Tier List

The first time I played this game in the demo version, it was really fun and really chill. It's just a simple game about being a killer Roomba, but actually downloading game and playing it, it's honestly unplayable. There are like two ads per level, and the levels are less than a minute long. This is honestly completely unplayable, and I'm pretty disappointed. With how short the beginning levels are, even one ad per level is too frequently and it should be every 3-5 levels in the very beginning.

Really awesome game, but there's only one problem: the joystick placement is always moving around making it so if you drag the joystick (not the placement) too far, it drags the placement as well with it making it so that if you wanna backtrack the joystick because the placement is almost to the edge of the screen, you would have to either lift your finger or drag the joystick itself back and fourth. Very annoying...

empty-headed fun. I'm sure there's something that you can do that makes points or you compete with yourself and your time or something but do what you want Just go crazy

Fun game not that hard and starts repeating at level 17 or 16 so kinda small but other than that pretty fun and good with adds

It's nice,simple and satisfying to play

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Run the vacuum, destroy all gangsters in the room, absorb dead bodies & escape!

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