Usagi Shima: Cute Idle Bunnies is an adorable mobile game that invites players into a world filled with charming bunnies. As you progress, you can collect new bunnies, each with their own unique traits and personalities. The game offers a variety of activities to keep you engaged, including decorating your bunny village, participating in bunny races, and even solving puzzles. With its beautiful and vibrant graphics, Usagi Shima provides a delightful and relaxing gaming experience for bunny lovers of all ages.

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- 10 carrots, 5 magic crystals, 100 gold coins, 2 sapphire gems, 50 silver coins, 1 bunny costume, 3 diamond rings, 20 rubies, 1 legendary sword, 25 emerald gems.

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- Gold: 100, Gems: 50, Money: 5000, Diamonds: 10, Resources: 500, Equipment: Bunny Suit, Items: Carrot Juice

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9HzlK0mk239October 2, 2023
ir5d0xwsRq392October 27, 2023
GH3jNIus2309October 23, 2023
HRsraDNfQzn739September 19, 2023
3P7vhBHXn0738October 7, 2023

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Usagi Shima Tier List

A fantastically relaxing casual "game" that is exactly what I was hoping for. The microtransactions are not bad (everything is very reasonably priced if you want to pay), the ads are all optional (you don't have to watch any ads, but watching them gives you double rewards, which is a nice option to have). The art style is incredibly cute and gorgeous. All around great app that I would recommend to anyone looking for a casual and relaxing experience.

Just got this game this morning as it just launched. Gotta say, I'm already insanely happy with it!! Very smooth interface, and ridiculously cute! No hassle and easy and relaxing. I would just want the construction/moving if. Objects to be a little easier. But, that doesn't take away from the game at all! Just me picking out something that may have room to improve. Love this game!

From the art to the music to the vibes, this game is an absolute delight. There's so much attention to detail and simply beautiful. I love how chill it is. The free in-game currency distribution system is so generous, and I almost feel guilty about how easy it is to stock up on carrots! I paid to remove ads early on and almost wish I can turn off the double reward system because I accrue carrots so fast. I can't wait to see what new features will be added to this already wonderful game.

Really cute and fun. Love the variety of interactions and animations for the bunnies! Everything is well drawn and the amount of different furniture is great. It's fun to see how the bunnies will uniquely interact with everything. There's also almost no limit to the furniture and buildings you can have so you have a lot of creative freedom. The only thing I might add would be a feature that makes buildings fully transparent when taking pictures of the buns inside.

Such an adorable game🥰 I enjoy every second of it! I like the music so much! The buns are the cutest and the decorations are very beautiful. The animation of fire is cozy! It was rather easy for me to understand how to play, though I'm still a little bit confused whether the friendship level goes up when you pet the buns without the task from them🤔 Anyways I still have lots of fun! Especially when I play hide-and-seek with a bun and they look so happy after that. Thank you for your hard work💓

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Take a rest on an island full of cute bunnies! Re-enable Google Play Services after resolving sign-in limit problems with Google.

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